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Interactive play is indispensable in future playgrounds!

Playnetic is a company located in Zutphen, the Netherlands, developing interactive play sets for the outdoor public environment. Playnetic believes that the current outdoor public environment is no longer in connection with the perception and the need for incitement of children. Therefore, Playnetic brings the interactivity known from computers, smart phones and tablets to the outdoor public environment. 

We believe in a world where children want to play outside, where children are cognitively and physically challenged in the public environment and where there is no distinction between formal and informal play areas within the public environment. We believe that play is pivotal in a child’s development and that outdoor play facilitation should present a variety of options for children to play in any form or way they want to. We therefore strive for a public environment which enriches our soul, inspires our lives and improves our well-being.

Interactivity has been pushed to a much higher level in recent years and will continue to be pushed even higher in the future. Subsequently, interactive play sets will evolve into products with a higher level of interactivity.To achieve this evolution of interactive play sets, Playnetic will focus on creating open-ended interactive play sets; interactive play sets which can be used in various ways, for extended lengths of time and without a fixed use pattern.These types of play sets should be simpler rather than complex and should be affordable.