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After the fun and inspiring test- and design sessions with care professionals and elderly people, it is now time to start drawing. The results and ideas that emerged during the sessions, will be developed into a design concept. Joost van Vliet is one of the designers at Playnetic. He is responsible for the design and look of the products. ‘This is an incredible challenge and I really enjoy working on this project. The elderly all have very different needs, looking at their pyshical abilities. They actually surprised me with what they still can and want to do. My view on elderly people has really changed’.

Practical experience indispensable in design process

The input of the test sessions, the feedback from the care professionals and the elderly, turned out to be priceless. Joost explains: ‘One thing that really stuck with me, is a conversation I had with one of the care professionals. She told me I should try to add a bit of competition. I never expected this to be of added value for elderly people but during the tests, I truly noticed how competitive the participants get. Every single person involved wanted to win by generating the most human power. And it’s because of this input and experience that we have designed products that allow people to compete’.

More than a pretty design

Creating a good design is a lot more than just having a good idea or a pretty drawing. It requires thinking about how the final product will look, what materials to choose, ease of use and how to make the product. ‘It is challenging to design products that are low key and accessible to both the elderly and their care professionals’ according to the designer. ‘This should be second nature in order to successfully design a product’. Four products shall be designed during the project. Although these products all have human power as common factor, each product is designed separately. Designer Joost is under pressure to design four individual products with each their own character and look, whilst remaining recognizable as part of the same product range.

‘What I hope to achieve with our products? I have big dreams! I hope that our products will take down the barriers in movement deficiency and loneliness amongst the elderly, and build bridges between generations’ – Joost van Vliet, designer Playnetic

The work continues, from paper to real life

At this stage, all of a sudden, the concept comes to life. We are now getting a good view of what the end product will look like. This boosts our enthusiasm. We are very excited to start the next phase; building the prototypes and start testing the products. Are you also curious about the progress and our first test results? Keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our special SBIR newsletter by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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