About Us

The Playnetic company has its roots in The Netherlands, in a beautiful city called Zutphen. Since its founding in 2007, Playnetic has branched out all over the world. We are proud to have created long lasting relationships with development partners and resellers all across the globe who help us achieve our dreams.

One of our dreams is to get all the children, young and old, playing outdoors again! These days the playground has to compete with modern technologies such as the smartphone, iPad, Playstation and so on. Because of this many children spend too much time inside of the house.

We believe that we can get everyone outdoors again with exciting, interactive, sustainable, Human Powered playground equipment. Our playground equipment combines these modern technologies with exceptional playground design to offer something truly unique and exciting.

Human Powered Play

Playnetic is all about Human Powered Play. It makes children aware of sustainability, it´s educative, fun and exciting. As soon as you for example start swinging on the KineticSwing or jumping on the JumpStone, sustainabe Human Powered energy will be generated! This green energy is used to make music, to produce LED light shows, to play games with and much more. Absolutely no batteries or underground power cables are needed. This makes our equipment very easy to install and to maintain.

The Playground of the Future

Interactive Human Powered Playground Equipment is the future! Everyday more and more distractions and toys are created to keep children inside of the house. They get out of touch with nature and barely get to be in the oudoor fresh air! Playnetic aspires to get children outdoors again with exciting playground equipment to provide fun, to educate and to aid in the physical and mental health development. Our products invite both young and old to get up and start moving in a fun and interactive way. Play is such an essential part in the development of every human being. 

​We like to share our knowlegde with you

Playnetic’s specialty is Human Powered Interactive Playground Equipment.

Over the years Playnetic gathered a lot of know-how regarding generating electricity and implementing electronics into Playground equipment to make play structures more exciting.

Playnetic has a lot of already developed electronics and software.

We supply components to many playground manufacturers around the world who implement these components into their own products.

So if you would like to develop your own (range of) interactive playground equipment, please feel free tocontact us.