Human Powered Play

1 April 2020

Human Powered Play

What is Human Powered Play? What does it stand for and how does it work? Human Powered Play is the essence of Playnetic, all of our playground equipment makes use of it. It is a combination of technology, playground equipment and your power, Human Power! By using your hands, feet and body it is possible to generate sustainable energy, Human Powered Energy. Our products use this energy to produce music, LED light shows, games, stories and much more. Because the energy is created by the user, there is no need for any batteries or underground power cables, they are redundant. This makes it possible to install the products almost anywhere, even on an uninhabited island.

How does it work?

There are several ways of using your body to generate this sustainable form of energy. Inside of the playground equipment there is a generator which generates energy as soon as the axle starts to turn. With the MusicBall for example you have to spin the handle. The AudioNetic and GameNetic have a foot pedal which can be pressed by your feet. The KineticSwing, KineticSeesaw and KineticSpinner inherently generate energy. As soon as you start playing, the swinging, spinning and seesaw motions generate energy, how cool is that? To make all the hardware work properly we have developed our own technology and software. This allows for great control and endless possibilities.

Human Powered Play Benefits

Children have to ‘’work’’ to generate Human Powered Energy, the reward for these efforts is in the form of music, led lights, games and more! Because of this mechanism they become aware of sustainability and they learn about energy.
Playnetic playground equipment asks for physical action! It invites young and old to get up and start moving in a fun and healthy way. This greatly contributes to a fit body and mind.
Many of our clients also like to use Playnetic products for educative purposes. You could for example teach history, learn math, create a quiz and do much more.

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