Develop together

Next to the design of our own collection we are very keen on helping our partners with custom developments. If none of our standard products fits your project, we are very happy to assist you towards the best custom solution.

Our experience

Our R&D department has a lot of experience designing with our human powered components. This makes our development process extremely quick and successful. Whether you would like to make your own Human Powered audio info tour or a super cool interactive piece of playground equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will start sketching!

All these custom developments help us to keep pushing our innovations. This is our way to stay global market leader in Human Powered Interactives.


Over the past 10 years we have had very cool collaborations with our highly appreciated partners. Please have a look below for some examples and a lot of inspiration.

Kompan CS Drumbox

List of projects in collaboration

with our partners

  • Liberation Route Europe
  • Bach Route
  • Vechtdal Route
  • Kompan CS Drumbox
  • Kompan DJ Booth
  • Elo et Nitsan Spaceship
  • Elo et Nitsan Solar System
  • Elo et Nitsan Kinetic Kids Ride
  • Elo et Nitsan Karaoke Table
  • Upgreen Group Swing
  • Upgreen Group Seesaw
  • Kraiburg collection
  • Eurotramp interactive trampolines
  • Berliner Satellights
  • Proludic Lightpoles and Runningwheels

Bach Audio Route

Kompan DJ Booth

Elo et Nitsan Karaoke table

Elo et Nitsan Spaceship

Elo et Nitsan Solar System

Contact us!

These days children are closer to technology than ever before. The playground often has to compete with the iPad, Playstation, smartphone or other devices. Because of this many children spend too much time inside which can lead to a poor mental and physical health condition. We believe that we can get children outdoors again by combining modern technology with playground equipment!The playground of the future is interactive, sustainable, healthy and fun! If you want to work together with us, then contact us know!