Frequently Asked Questions

What is Playnetic?
Playnetic is a Dutch developer and manufacturer of interactive, human powered playground equipment. The Playnetic company started in 2007 and has it’s roots in The Netherlands, Zutphen.

What is Human Powered Play?
Playnetic playground equipment is Human Powered. This means that when the user plays with our equipment, Human Powered Energy will be generated. This is like normal electric energy but sustainable and generated through human power! When you for example, jump, swing or spin, Human Powered Energy will be generated. Our playground equipment uses this energy to produce music, lights, sounds, games, stories and more!

Do I need to attach Playnetic playground equipment to a wall outlet?
No! Playnetic playground equipment doesn’t use any wall outlets, cables or batteries. You can install the products almost anywhere. The enegy for music, lights etc. is generated by the user simply by playing, that’s Human Power!

How do Playnetic products get electrical energy?

Through Human Power! As mentioned before, Playnetic products get their energy simply from playing. When the user jumps, swings, spins a handle or does another movement, electrical energy will be generated! This energy is used to make all the lights shine, produce great sounding music, allow for games to be played and much more.

Do Playnetic products use batteries?

No, Playnetic products do not need any batteries. You generate energy simply by playing!

Is rain a problem for Playnetic products?
No. Playnetic products are designed for the public space and the outdoors, rain is no problem.

Can I install my own music on Playnetic products?
Yes you can! Some Playnetic products come with a USB stick with our own muisc. But, you can also place your music on the usb stick! Just make sure that the music files are .mp3 files, that they aren’t bigger than 2mb per file and that the .mp3 file has atleast 5 characters in the name, for example: Song_1.mp3.

Can I use Playnetic components to make my own product?
Yes that is possible. Playnetic also offers complete Human Powered Component Sets. There are a lot of options. For more information on this topic you can send an email to

Do Playnetic products ship worldwide?
Yes! Our playground equipment can be shipped all over the world!

What to do if I experience a problem with a Playnetic product?
Where people play, products break down sometimes. If you experience a problem with your Playnetic product our main priority is to solve the issue, so you can continue playing. Please send an e-mail to and describe the situation and send us a picture or video of the situation.

Our Service department will investigate the problem and offer a solution. In case you need to replace a part and you are not situated in The Netherlands we have an instruction video available to help you perform the reparation.

I need a spare part
Please send an e-mail to and describe the part that you need. Our Service department will make sure that the requested part is send to you as soon as possible. If necessary we can provide an instruction video which shows how to replace the spare part.

Where do I find the manuals and maintenance guidelines
You can find the manuals and guidelines of each product on our website. When you view a specific product look under specifications and you will see several options which you can click on.

Can I use a USB device in a game product?
The answer is no. Game products (GameNetic, ShotSpot, GameWall...) are always delivered without a USB device and It is not allowed to use your own USB device in a game product. This will cause a malfunction of the product. If you would like to change the content on your game product, please send an e-mail to and we will inform you about the possibilities.

Can I charge my phone with Human Powered Energy?
Yes! We have developed a special kit which makes this possible.

Can I try the products?
Of course, you are always welcome in our showroom and a hot cup of coffee or tea will be ready for you!

We like to share our knowlegde with you

Playnetic’s specialty is Human Powered Interactive Playground Equipment.

Over the years Playnetic gathered a lot of know-how regarding generating electricity and implementing electronics into Playground equipment to make play structures more exciting.

Playnetic has a lot of already developed electronics and software.

We supply components to many playground manufacturers around the world who implement these components into their own products.

So if you would like to develop your own (range of) interactive playground equipment, please feel free tocontact us.