​Swing togenerate energy
and the story begins

​The AudioBench is an interactive ‘’talking’’ bench with digital sound quality.
Just rock the seat to generate electricity . No need for external power supply and no batteries inside. 100% Human Power.

After rocking this bench will immediately give you, for example, information about your surroundings, tell you short story’s or start playing music. With an USB stick inside its very easy to change the content if you want.
This bench is very attractive for children, adults and even elderly. The can be installed on playgrounds, (touristic)parks, nature and (care) centers .

It’s very easy to design your own concept! We can customize the content and simply adjust the seat to your own wishes. Small, large, wood, steel, it is all possible.


​• Length: 260 cm

• Width:  80 ​cm

​• Height: 130 ​cm
• Weight: 110 ​kg

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