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​Sound and smell stimulate
all your senses

The AudioSense brings something special to any playground or public space. The fun starts with spinning the handle to generate Human Powered Energy.

Once charged, the AudioSense will start playing music and on top of that it also spreads the scent of strawberry, lemon, chocolate, vanilla or almost any other smell possible! The children will get to use all their senses with this playground equipment.

Installation is done in a flash! Because the AudioSense runs on Human Power, there’s no need for any power cables or batteries. Inside of the AudioSense there’s a USB stick, volume knob and a switch to play the music in alphabetical or random order.

​Change the content by simply changing the .mp3 files on the USB stick. The smell comes from a small replacable bag.
The AudioSense could be placed in a zoo and spread the smell of flowers! Or use it at school to teach the children something! The possibilities are limitless!


​• Length: ​198 ​mm 

• Width: ​350 ​mm

​• Height: 350 ​mm
• Weight: ​23 kg

​All Playnetic products are 100% Human Powered. The user generates the energy. There is no need for external electricity or batteries.

​All Playnetic products enhance the playing experience through beautiful

audio design.

​All Playnetic products are weather resistant.

​Playnetic products can enrich the playing experience through LED lighting technology..

​Playnetic products offer fun, exciting and challenging games through brightly illuminated push buttons or other forms of input.

​Several Playnetic products have a removable USB stick with .mp3 audio files. This allows for easy customization and new content.

​All Playnetic products use .mp3 coding format. This is a universally used file format for audio. It allows for easy customization and content creation.

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