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DJ Post

SKU : 90008-M
DJ Post 2 colors:

Listen to your
own music in your
favourite hangout

Turn the disc, keep turning! This generates energy. Put your phone on loudspeaker and put it under the hut. The DJ Post amplifies the sound from your Smartphone!

No Bluetooth, no cables! The built-in tech picks up the sound of your Smartphone automatically.  It is always nice to listen to your own music. Every hangout needs one! 



  • Would you like to enjoy listening to your own music in your favourite hangout?
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  • Amplify your Smartphone No cables or other fads No electricity necessary 


Mid-section: ST37 steel with polyurethane powder coating
Lower and upper parts: ST37 steel parts (welded) with hot dip galvanized finish.
Gears: steel and re-enforced plastic.
Wheel: steel ST37 with polyurethane powder coating.
Inner construction: ST 37 steel construction with galvanized finish.
Dimension (L x W x H) 40 x 40 x 130 Centimetre
Weight 45 Kilogram