DJ Post
Turn any place into a party!

Spin the wheel, play a song on your phone, place your phone on the pick-up pad and listen to the music! The DJ-Post amplifies the sound from your phone! YouTube, Spotify or locally stored music, it all works!

The DJ-Post can turn any playground or public space into a party for everyone to be enjoyed! Just keep Spinning the wheel to generate Human Powered Energy and shake those hips!

The user produces the energy for the DJ-Post, so there’s no need for power cables or sockets! This makes installation a breeze.

The DJ-Post also helps a great deal in the development of social and musical skills, these are essential for everyone! Music makes the world a better place, especially when you make it yourself and share it! All of this happens in a sustainable and environmental friendly way through Human Power.

Note: from now on the DJ-Post is powder coated and not galvanized.

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All Playnetic products are 100% Human Powered. The user generates the energy. There is no need for external electricity or batteries.

All Playnetic products enhance the playing experience through beautiful audio design.

All Playnetic products are weather resistant.

Playnetic products can enrich the playing experience through LED lighting technology..

Playnetic products offer fun, exciting and challenging games through brightly illuminated push buttons or other forms of input.

Several Playnetic products have a removable USB stick with .mp3 audio files. This allows for easy customization and new content.