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​​The KineticWheel takes you to new universes!

​Start travelling by spinning  the wheel, this generates Human Powered Energy which is used to produce all kinds of sounds!

​One moment you could be on a pirate ship, the next moment you could be an astronaut in space! The KineticWheel enhances every play experience by adding sounds and making it more interactive than ever. 

Inside of the KineticWheel there’s a USB stick, a volume knob and a switch to play the sounds in alphabetical or random order. Change the KineticWheel experience by simply changing the .mp3 audio files on the USB stick which can be pulled out.

Installation of the KineticWheel is done in a jiffy! That’s due to the fact that it runs on Human Power, this means that there’s no need for power cables or batteries. Energy is produced by spinning the wheel! Imagination is brought to life with the KineticWheel.

Note: from now on the KineticWheel is powder coated and not galvanized.


• Length: 330 mm

• Width:  ​590 mm

• Height: 1000 mm
• Weight: 42 kg

​All Playnetic products are 100% Human Powered. The user generates the energy. There is no need for external electricity or batteries.

​All Playnetic products enhance the playing experience through beautiful

audio design.

​All Playnetic products are weather resistant.

​Playnetic products can enrich the playing experience through LED lighting technology..

​Playnetic products offer fun, exciting and challenging games through brightly illuminated push buttons or other forms of input.

​Several Playnetic products have a removable USB stick with .mp3 audio files. This allows for easy customization and new content.

​All Playnetic products use .mp3 coding format. This is a universally used file format for audio. It allows for easy customization and content creation.

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