Human Powered Play

12 September 2023

At Playnetic we care for our kids and the environment. Our goal is to get kids moving again and that is why all our products are human powered and have interactive features like light, sound and games.
Human-powered energy is an excellent way to power our interactive playground equipment. This not only provides a fun and engaging experience for children, but also promotes physical activity and an understanding of the importance of sustainable energy. Besides it is good for the environment and the electricity bill!

Human powered energy


We sometimes get the question: “What is Human Powered Energy”?

So we will do our best to explain this term a little better:
“Human Powered Energy” or “Kinetic Energy” is the energy that an object possesses due to its motion. In the context of playground equipment, Kinetic Energy can refer to the energy that is generated when a child interacts with the equipment and causes it to move.
There are many examples of playground equipment that use Kinetic Energy. For instance, a swing set is a classic example of a Kinetic Energy playground equipment. As a child swings back and forth, they create Kinetic Energy that is transferred from their body to the swing set. The higher the child swings, the more energy is generated.

Another example of a Kinetic Energy playground equipment is a seesaw. As two children sit on opposite ends of the seesaw and alternate pushing off the ground, they create Kinetic Energy that will make the seesaw go up and down. You can also think of other ways to generate energy: jumping up and down, tuning a crank or wheel or even using a footpedal to generate energy.

What is human powered energy

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