Become a Reseller

Playnetic’s dream is to get all children playing outdoors again with exciting equipment at the playground. This is a difficult task to accomplish on our own. That is why we are always looking for partners to help us achieve this. So why not become one of our resellers? We have over 50 resellers worldwide and we are ever expanding. Read on if you are interested to learn more.

Why Become a Playnetic Reseller?

Our outdoor playground equipment has unique features to offer which makes the playground more attractive than ever. Our products are Human Powered, interactive, sustainable, educative and highly customizable! Many of our partners use our products to distinguish themselves from their competitors. They win tenders by not only implementing our self-powered playground equipment but by making them fit their own philosophy of play.

Human Powered Play

All Playnetic playground equipment is Human Powered. This means that our products generate energy in a sustainable and fun way. When someone for example starts swinging on the KineticSwing or jumping on the JumpStone, that motion will generate sustainable Human Powered energy! Batteries or underground power cables are something from the past, our products don’t need them.

Private label

At Playnetic we like to share our technology? As a partners you can use Playnetic hardware and software to create your own unique Human Powered products. We supply the materials and knowledge, and you build it into your own outdoor playground equipment and become brand owner! With the help of our team you can create your own innovative playground equipment, for example an interactive swing, trampoline or something else. There is a variety of component sets available to add different features such as an mp3 player, push buttons to play games, LED strips to create light and much more. Feel free to contact us about the available options.  

The Playground of the Future

These days children are closer to technology than ever before. The playground often has to compete with the iPad, Playstation, smartphone or other devices. Because of this many children spend too much time inside which can lead to a poor mental and physical health condition. We believe that we can get children outdoors again by creating an interactive playground with the use of modern, sustainable technology.

Our play equipment motivate kids to exercise since they generate energy in a sustainable and fun way simply by playing. Jump on the Jumpstone or swing the Kinetic Swing and kids are rewarded with cool sounds or even a light show. Batteries or underground power cables are something from the past, our products just don’t need them. The playground of the future is interactive, sustainable, healthy and fun! If you want to work together with us, then contact us know!